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Case studies

We are confident that our engineers deliver a fantastic service – day or night.

We have provided a number of case studies below which demonstrate this, together with examples of work undertaken and how we have helped businesses large and small overcome their drainage problems.


Typical Domestic Blockage in Swansea

Our on-call engineer this weekend was called to a rental property in Swansea to help with a...


‘Mrs I’ contacted her insurance company as she was having problems with blocked drains at the...


Metro Rod had a call from THE MAGNET HOTEL IN WAKEFIELD, they were having issues with the outside drains. We advised to attend and carry out a CCTV, this would enable us to establish the cause of the blockage.

Helping out in a crisis!

The Wharf – Leeds

5/5, Clear Communication

A pub in Aylesbury called us and asked that we come out to explore a bad smell in their kitchen. Our engineer, Mark, was sent to the pub to investigate. He checked the area for manholes and pipework and found that there were no blockages causing any smells. He deduced that the reason for the bad smells was a Durgo valve on some pipework behind the sink.

Young minds working ‘on’ the business - (Franchising Case Study)

Metro Rod is something of a family business for the Witcomb family.

Metro Rod help avoid flooding of town

Metro Rod provide a full range of drainage services, which can help to prevent the risk of flooding. Blocked drains, gullies and culverts need regular care and maintenance to ensure they do not become blocked. If left uncared for, build-up of silt and other debris can mean that they are unable to cope in periods of heavy rain and lead to extensive flooding. Metro Rod has extensive experience of helping to maintain drainage systems to help prevent future flooding, and of helping with the clear up when flooding does occur.

Gutter clearing across 175 sites

Metro Vac is an innovative service offered by Metro Rod. Using wet and dry vacuum technology, our engineers work from the ground, using precision cameras to clear debris from guttering. This minimises the risks usually associated from working at height and offers a faster, more flexible and cost effective alternative to traditional gutter clearing methods.