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Helping out in a crisis!

The Wharf – Leeds

It is news to no-one the amount of rainfall we have had this winter.

Here at Metro Rod we are proud to say that we have had a hand in helping out in one of the crises in our area that this adverse weather has caused.

We were called out to attend the above site to do a deep clean after the floods.

Due to the heavy rainfall the level of the river was at a high level this caused the surface water drains to back up and filling the car park up. Once the levels had dropped from over 1.5 m deep we were called in to clean up all the waste and debris which had washed up.

A lot of stock was damaged including a diesel generator; this caused the plant room to knock out the power out to the building.

We attended with a van pack, our tanker and an army full of keen engineers. They had to physically hand brush the full area free from any water before washing the car park area making it safe for us all to work.

We filled 8 skips during our visit. It took over 3 weeks, our engineers worked around the clock, it was hard work and stressful at times but with the commitment from our team of engineers we cleaned the full site.

Our engineers felt a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction.

Our Franchisee at Metro Rod (West Yorkshire), Dave Carter said “It’s what we do best… we take ownership and HELP OUT IN A CRISIS!”

Engineers on site: Kevin Horner / Karl Streets / Brenden Horner / Mitch Singh / Kenny Lockwood / Chris Day.