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Blocked Drains

Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Getting to The Root of Drainage Problems. Many home owners enjoy having trees and hedges in their...
Category: Blocked Drains
On: 29.08.2017

Working with Newcastle Racecourse

Metro Rod North East have been working with Newcastle Racecourse for a number of years servicing...
Category: Blocked Drains
On: 27.07.2017

Just A Tip of The Fatberg

Fatberg, the alternative oil source you may not know about. Everyday people pour fat and grease down their kitchen sinks and drains, this then causes the drains to block. Here at Metro Rod (Reading) we specialise in unblocking your drains and properly disposing of the material causing the disruptions.
Category: Blocked Drains
On: 28.06.2017

What Not to Flush

Drains exist out of sight in the walls of our houses and underground, but just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean we should forget about them. It is easily done given that when they are clear and free flowing we don’t give them much thought, but when a blockage occurs, suddenly they are all we can think about!
Category: Blocked Drains
On: 10.01.2017