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Maintaining Urinals: What You Need To Know

Urinals are a staple in many businesses. They come in a variety of types, ranging from metal to ceramic from waterless to flushing, but one thing remains consistent in all urinals: scale.

What is Uric Scale?

Well, if you want to get scientific uric scale is a “heterocyclic compound of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen with the formula C5H4N4O3  But put more simply, uric scale is a build up of calcium and protein deposits that form in toilets and urinals, and associated traps and pipes.


How does scale affect drains?

These deposits can lead to bad smells, slowed water on flush and eventually blockages. This is because the traps and small bore pipework becomes coated with scale, which reduces the usable diameter of the pipe. Theses pipes snake away from the urinal, often turning sharply along the way as it heads for the stack pipe, which carries foul water away from the property and out to the main drains outside. If left untreated the pipes can become entirely clogged with scale along lengths of the pipework and soon problems occur.


What can you do?

Firstly and most importantly, we can clear the blockages in your pipes and get them clean and flowing again using our Electro-Mechanical Cleaners and portable jetters.  This will immediately alleviate the problem and reduce bad smells as well. However scale being what it is will always be present In urinals so this problem will inevitably reoccur. Therefore we suggest a Pre-Planned Maintenance Program (descale) to prevent this repeating issue. Depending on the number of urinals and the frequency of use, we could arrange a descale every 3, 6 or 12 months of the pipes to prevent any smells or blockages from occurring. Your pipes will thank you as they are able to perform their duties without interruption!



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