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Planning A Build?

CCTV Surveys for Building Works.

Cornwall’s Metro Rod are proud to be market leaders in the latest CCTV technology employed to conduct surveys in the construction industry.

Whether you are planning a new build, an extension or renovation a CCTV survey can prove invaluable when undertaking a building project.  Survey’s will enable you to not only establish the layout of existing drains, but will allow you to identify potential problems which may impact upon the build.

iTouch Live.

Our iTouch Live CCTV inspection system uses cutting edge technology enabling our engineers to deliver comprehensive reports to our customers without the delays of print and post.

What Are the Benefits?

Fast.  Our engineers can conduct every element of the inspection whilst on site. From there, the CCTV report is transmitted in near real time to our Truro office for processing.  For complex cases, a team of technical support managers are on hand to provide instant support, ensuring the data is analysed immediately preventing delays.  

Transparent.  The survey is sent straight to a live web portal.  Our clients have full access to this, enabling them to view the survey in real time as it is created, as well as a recorded copy.  A printed version and a DVD can also be provided where required.

Quality.  Our engineers are all fully trained and insured.  Who could have better knowledge of your drainage system than the expert on site, with the latest technology at their fingertips?

Build Over Surveys

If your planned building works are close to, or go over an existing council or water authority drain you must inform the relevant authority and a CCTV survey will be needed, in some cases both before and after the work is carried out.  Our CCTV surveys are fully compliant with the authority’s standards, and often cost a fraction of the price.

Builder CCTV